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Household ozone generator

Hydrobath Ozonator with Shower Head for Dog Shower

Ozone Shower has been a popular ozone therapy for full body these days! 
The shower with ozone can kill bacteria, remove odors, and treat any skin diseases.
The secret is natural but super powerful anti-bacterial effects of ozone. 
This ozonator system includes:  ozonator, venturi, shower head, water hoses. 
It is easy to install. And once it is installed, you can get ozonated water for shower every time directly, and enjoy the benefits for years. 

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  • Key Functions: 

    1). Eliminate bacteria on the skin.
    2). Great at removing pet odors
    3). Softer, more radiant hair after washing in ozone
    4). Increase oxygen to subcutaneous tissue and blood
    5). No residual after washing

    Ozone is a strong oxidant that acts as a natural sanitizer.

    Ozone water does not leave behind any residue like common cleaners such as chemical shower gel do, and any residual ozone will be converted back to oxygen within a short time.


    WPI0.5-D shower kit

    Input voltage

    100-240V AC

    Driving voltage

    12V DC

    Rated Power 

    12 W

    For Tap water flow 

    4-8 L/min (citizen water flow)

    For tap water pressure


    Ozone concentration

    0.5-1.0 mg/L

    Operate temperature


    Product size


     (hook to wall)

    kit contents

    ozonator, venturi, check valve,

    water hoses, shower head

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