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Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

Factory directly Portable PEM Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 450ml 99.99 percent Hydrogen Breathing Machine Hydrogen Generator

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  • Factory directly Portable PEM Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 450ml 99.99% Hydrogen Breathing Machine Hydrogen Generator
    Product Description

    This smart hydrogen inhalation machine is designed for personal and clinic hygrogen therapy. 

    It gives 300 mL pure hydrogen and 150 mL oxygen flow rate, so you can do the hydrogen therapy with 300 ml/min pure H2 gas, or 450 ml/min Brown‘s gas. (300mL H2 + 150mL O2 = 450 mL Brown‘s Gas)

    It is a high quality product with SPE+PEM technolgoy, with smart control systems.

    Key Features & Advantages

    Key features
    ---Attractive design, touch screen display detailed parameters, easy to control
    ---Desktop dual air outlet, SPE hydrogen-oxygen separation electrolysis technology
    ---Dual-use: hydrogen absorption + hydrogen water production
    ---Intelligent detection function
    ---Imported ionic membrane, titanium-platinum coated plate, high efficiency and safety, long service life
    Smart Control
    ---TDS water quality sensor
    ---Low water level alarm
    ---Overheating reminder
    ---High water level alarm
    ---Intelligent Heat Dissipation
    ---Lower noise




    Production Rate


    Warranty of core components

    1 year

    Product Name

    Hydrogen gas inhaler

    H2 Flow

    300 mL/min

    O2 Flow

    150 mL/min

    Hydrogen Purity


    Water Tank Size


    Input Voltage

    AC 110/230V

    Working Time

    1 hour to 3 hours



    Net Weight

    2 KG

    Generator Size

    23*20*35 cm

    2 H2O = 2H2 + O2
    --- pure H2
    --- pure O2
    Core technology: SPE solid polymer electrolyte:
    --- long life
    ---- no heavy metal pollutions

    Hydrogen Inhalation Kit contents:
    Hydrogen generator * 1pc
    power cable * 1pc
    Hydrogen absorption tube * 4pcs

    No supplements on the market today can really compare to the properties of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) as the best antioxidant to fight off oxidative stress. Not only is it more effective, H2 also has no unsafe byproducts (zero toxicity) and no adverse side effects. Hydrogen is also odorless, colorless, and tasteless; so inhalation therapy is non-intrusive, is imperceptible to your immediate senses, and can actually be calming during a session. Molecular hydrogen has a greatly known ability to access the nucleus and the mitochondria, producing unique cell-modulating effects which affect healthy gene expressions, cell metabolism and cell signaling in a very positive way, yielding anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-aging effects.
    Packing & Delivery
    Factory directly Portable PEM Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 450ml 99.99% Hydrogen Breathing Machine Hydrogen Generator

    1>. Standard export carton packing
    2>. 1pc / single box, Box size: 22.5*27.5*35 cm, ~3.2 kg/ box
    1> samples------------within 2 days after payment arrive
    2> batch orders-------2-30 days after payment deposit

    To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

    Q: What‘s your advantage? Why we choose you?
    1>. High Quality products and proffesional
    2>. over 10 years experience, ODM, OEM available 
    3>. good price, fast shipments
    Q: What‘s the Payment?
    1> T/T
    2> Credit card, Paypal
    3> Western Union, L/C
    Q: Do you make your own products or just a trading company?
    1> we make our own products
    2> we design them and make them
    3> we offer ODM,OEM services
    Q: How can I get some samples?
    Just leave messages or send email to us , we will contact you within 24 hours .
    Q: What is your warrantty?
    For all the standards products, we offer >1 year warranty

    Factory directly Portable PEM Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 450ml 99.99% Hydrogen Breathing Machine Hydrogen Generator

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