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Does household ozone do harm to human health?

Time:2017-12-25 View:32424
Does household ozone do harm to human health? 
With more and more demands on living environment and sanitary conditions, many people begin to pay attention to the problem of disinfection around them.However, there are many ways of disinfection at this stage. Which way of disinfection is more healthy and safe?Ordinary life can try disinfection, alcohol disinfection and other methods, but compared with these methods, ozone disinfection is more effective.So again, is ozone disinfection bad for you?After all, we can‘t ignore our own health while sterilizing.Below from professional Angle chat ozone disinfection is harmful to human body.
Want to know whether ozone disinfection is harmful to human body, first of all to understand the principle of ozone disinfection, ozone can be disinfected, because ozone itself has strong oxidation, so you can easily destroy a large number of bacteria and viruses as well as its reproductive body.Therefore, ozone disinfection has the effective effect of killing virus, so it has been applied to many occasions.
So, is ozone disinfection harmful to human body after all?No matter what kind of disinfection, as long as it comes into direct contact with the human body, will be damaged, so ozone is no exception, the strong oxidation of ozone is harmful to human health, and has an irritant.So usually use ozone disinfection must choose a good sealed environment, disinfection mode of scientific products for ozone disinfection, so as to be able to have both efficient elimination of bacteria and viruses, and not harm the human health effect.
With the deepening of the understanding of ozone and the increasingly prominent role of ozone, there have been a lot of ozone products into the family to play a role, but there are still a lot of people expressed concern: household ozone will not harm the human body?
Ozone is a trace gas, is also the global recognized green broad spectrum efficient disinfection and sterilizing agent, now more used in disinfection cabinet, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine, gynecological therapeutic apparatus, food processing, drinking water filling disinfection equipment.Under normal temperature and pressure, the stability of ozone is extremely poor, and has a strong irritant.In accordance with the regulations, the safe concentration of ozone to which people are allowed to come is no more than 0.2mg/m, horses3;Inhaling too much can be harmful to one‘s health, so people have good reason to be concerned
Nevertheless China industry economy federation ozone specialized committee director, Professor Wang Shiwen of Tsinghua University introduces: ozone is poisonous have preconditions, that is in the case of ozone concentration is very high, inhale high concentration of ozone for a long time, just can produce stimulation to respiratory tract mucosa."According to the Ministry of Health, exposure at 0.15 PPM for eight hours will not cause any effects or damage to the human body.General quality qualified household ozone machine ozone output is small, the concentration is very low, it is impossible to exceed the concentration in a larger range, the human sense of smell is very sensitive to ozone, ozone concentration as long as it reaches 0.02 PPM, people can smell its unique smell, but this concentration is far from the national safety standards.Household ozone can be safely used as long as the concentration does not exceed the standard."
Remind a bit even, it is ozone machine must want person to leave indoor hind to open again again.The seneptidin-based ozone generator is equipped with a timing system, which can be turned on after leaving the room and closed 30-40 minutes before returning home. During this period, ozone will be automatically reduced to oxygen without any chemical residue, which is safe and effective.