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The application of ozone in the pharmaceutical industry mainly has several aspects

Time:2017-12-25 View:14930
The application of ozone in the pharmaceutical industry mainly has several aspects

The application of ozone in the pharmaceutical industry mainly includes the following aspects:
1. Disinfection of air in GMP workshops: According to the different levels of GMP workshops and the requirements of central air conditioning disinfection, detailed calculations are required. Generally speaking, the clean areas of pharmaceutical enterprises are relatively large, and most of them have central air conditioning purification systems to complete the purification and disinfection of each clean area.The traditional disinfection method is to use nail quan fumigation, but nail quan fumigation has many disadvantages, and the current use of ozone disinfection instead.The method is to put the ozone generator directly in the air duct of the air conditioning purification system, known as the built-in ozone generator.Along with the airflow of the air duct, ozone is sent to each clean area for disinfection and sterilization. The remaining ozone is inhaled into the return air outlet and taken away by the central air conditioner.The ozone generator can also be placed outside the central air conditioning vent, the ozone into the air duct of the central air conditioning, and then sent to each clean room, known as the external type of ozone generator.External ozone generator is easy to install and maintain, but the manufacturing cost is higher.Both methods have the same disinfection effect.According to the requirements of the ministry of health‘s disinfection guidelines, the concentration of DE ozone in the air is 5ppm. However, in fact, the disinfection of clean areas is not only the disinfection of the air, but also the disinfection of the surface of objects. Therefore, the concentration is generally 10ppm.If you turn on the machine two hours before going to work and turn off the machine before going off work, you can ensure that the planktons and sedimides in the inner clean area meet the requirements of GMP.Here‘s how to do it. 

2. Disinfection and sterilization of space
For clean rooms other than the central air conditioning purification system, or other rooms requiring sterilization, separate sterilization treatment is required.The method is to install the ozone generator directly in the room, set the disinfection time according to the need, and then shut down automatically after the disinfection, which is very convenient to use.For rooms with cleanliness requirements, the ozone generator is equipped with a filter, so that it has self-cleaning function.The ozone concentration is designed at 10-20ppm and selected according to the size of the room space. As long as the ozone concentration meets the requirements, the purpose of disinfection and sterilization can be achieved, which is much easier than fumigating the room with chemical agents. 

3. Disinfection of dressing rooms and work clothes:
Most of the bacteria in the production workshop can be brought into the production workshop through the working clothes of the processing personnel, which will lead to a large area of spread in serious cases, and sufficient attention should be paid to it.Pharmaceutical enterprises mostly use ultraviolet radiation disinfection, because of the natural defects of ultraviolet radiation, disinfection effect is poor, and ozone gas can permeate each part of clothing, so the use of ozone disinfection work clothes is efficient, simple method. 

4. Sterilization and purification of production water:
Ozone kills bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in water at a higher rate and at a faster rate. It removes organic compounds and other pollutants in water thoroughly without causing secondary pollution.This has particular implications for water used in food processing.Before production water disinfection with chlorine 
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