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Ozone Catalyst Destructor for Medical Ozone Generators

Ozone destructor is a must for medical ozone generators. 

It can be integrated into the ozone machines, also can be used separately. 

We offer different types of ozone destructors,  and customization services.

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  • Ozone destructor for medical ozone machine

    CUSTOMIZATION available

    --- End caps : 
    barb + barb  VS  barb + ventilation holes  VS with fixing legs

    --- Length: 
    100mm   VS  200 mm      

    --- Catalyst
    Single catalyst VS Hybrid catalyst       


    *High efficiency:  
     OK to treat ozone gas of high concentration 

    *Small resistant: 
     OK to treat upto 10 LPM ozone flow rate

    *Long life:
     OK to work over 2 years (without water)

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