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Full coverage of the central environmental protection inspector

Time:2017-12-25 View:864
Some people describe the central environmental protection supervision group as "a good doctor‘s door", bringing great opportunities for local environmental problems and ecological nibples. Starting from December 22, the fourth batch of central environmental protection inspectors began to give feedback to the relevant provincial (district) authorities, and handed over the responsibility for the investigation of ecological environmental damage.
The central environmental protection inspector is an important institutional arrangement to promote the construction of ecological civilization, and the strict responsibility is the internal requirement of the environmental protection inspector. Solstice on August 7, 2017 on September 15, eight central environmental protection inspectorate, respectively in jilin, zhejiang, shandong, hainan, sichuan, Tibet, qinghai, xinjiang (corps) 8 provinces (area) to carry out the supervision of environmental protection. Inspectors believe that since 2013, eight provinces (area) push key areas pollution treatment, outstanding environmental problems put forth efforts to solve overall improved environmental quality, environmental responsibility has been further compaction.
In the past five years, the central environmental protection inspector has played a huge role in the continuous improvement of environmental data. This time, the inspector of the central environmental protection office of the central government of the eight provinces has been actively promoting the establishment of a long - term environmental protection system, and some "old and difficult" environmental problems have been solved quickly. For the effect of the central environmental protection inspector, li ganjie, the minister of environmental protection, summed up the "people‘s thumb up, central affirmation, local support and problem solving".
However, despite progress in environmental protection in 8 provinces, some environmental protection issues remain outstanding. Some of the urban environmental infrastructure construction is seriously missing, heavy ground, light underground, heavy construction, light protection, sewage direct discharge, garbage heap and other problems are common. At the same time, the inspector also found that some coastal areas were found to be illegal in the sea reclamation and illegal breeding, the coastline was seriously damaged, the ecological function was degraded, and the environmental pollution in the near shore was prominent.
In fact, environmental monitoring is the normal work of environmental protection, but the opening of the central environmental protection watchdog has put pressure on many provinces. According to the report of China economic network on December 12, as of now, 40,706 environmental problems reported by the supervision group have been basically completed, with a total of 10,806 cases and a fine of 547.59 million yuan. 335 cases and 424 persons detained; About 4,855 people, and the responsibility for 6,471 people. It is worth noting that the accountability staff are not limited to the environmental sector, but to the various sectors of the environment. This will better urge other departments outside the environmental protection department to actively fulfill their environmental responsibilities.
Since the pilot of hebei province at the end of 2015, the central environmental protection supervision group has conducted four inspection teams. It is reported that the central environmental protection inspector has achieved full coverage of 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions). "From the perspective of the accountability results, the central environmental protection inspector does have a deterrent effect on the local party committees and the government of the inspectors, urging the local authorities to better implement the local responsibility for environmental protection." As a matter of fact, the central environmental protection supervision, from the environmental protection department lead to the central, from give priority to in order to check the enterprise into a "check overseers simultaneously, mainly DuZheng", is considered to be major changes our country environmental regulation pattern.
This "green storm" has solved a large number of difficult and difficult, difficult and difficult to implement with a solid style and vigorous action, and the public has a strong emphasis on environmental issues. News from authoritative media reports said that from January 2016, the central environmental protection supervision pilot, in hebei province from 2016 to 2017 in the two years, the central environmental protection supervision has been completed for a complete coverage of the national 31 provinces, more than a 17000 accountability.
For future if there is a "inspector walked, pollution is back", the next step, the state environmental protection supervision office of local inspector rectification of listing scheduling, and as organization to carry out the point type, mobile type is special supervision. In the middle of the country du province environmental protection supervision, the ministry is actively guide and supervise local set up provincial environmental protection supervision system, province cities and counties are below the provincial environmental protection through vertical management to promote reform of the system.