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These companies have been "moving" in the field of fine soil restoration

Time:2017-12-25 View:991
19 big report, must be set up and practice the concept of green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan, to ecological environment, with the consideration humans extend to other life as a whole ShanShuiLinTian HuCao system management, implement the strictest possible system for ecological environment protection... Under the background of the new era of beautiful China is not only to achieve rapid economic development, ecological civilization construction must also rose to new heights, it is to the whole society, including the listed company, the main body issued the order to full protection of the ecological environment.
The prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution is the three major battles in China‘s environmental governance, which is different from the direct judgment of atmosphere and water pollution. And once the soil is contaminated, it is hard to recover from the source of the pollution.
As the year of land 10, the soil restoration market this year is also quite lively. With the increase of the policy support and the attention of all parties, the domestic soil repair demand accelerated release, and the market blue sea was gradually taking shape. Benefit from the soil to repair the huge space and dividend policy, more and more enterprises into the soil repair industry, according to statistics, as of May 2017 with soil related business enterprises reached more than 2600. Below, China‘s environmental protection online will take a look at the actions of environmental companies that focus on repairing their soil.
YongQing environmental
Soil restoration is the core business of yongqing environmental protection. This year, the company has achieved outstanding development results. In addition to hunan, yongqing environmental protection has been successively harvested soil restoration projects in shandong, sichuan, jiangsu, anhui, gansu and other places, and the national strategic layout has been improved.
As the national first batch of soil heavy metal repair technology key promotion demonstration units, only with their own technology to produce heavy metal soil repair agents, the first listed company of environmental protection with soil restoration project success experience, is also the first overseas m&a soil repair enterprises of China‘s listed enterprises, YongQing environmental protection established covering environmental restoration planning and consulting, field investigation, risk assessment, engineering design, construction, and pharmaceutical production process such as a complete industrial chain.
It is worth mentioning that ion mineralized soil stabilization of heavy metals pollution of YongQing environmental protection technology has won the national patent, supported by the national strategic emerging industries, are included in the list of national key environmental protection technology, can be used for the treatment of lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, chromium, nickel, copper, zinc and other heavy metal pollution.
High-energy environment
High energy environment is the earliest professional engaged in environmental pollution control technology research and application of high and new technology enterprise, one of business areas cover environmental restoration, urban environment and industrial environment three big plate. After years of technical reserve and business expansion, nearly 70 soil restoration projects have been accumulated so far. At the same time, the comprehensive soil restoration technology system is established. He also participated in several important projects, including the big bang in tianjin and the tengli desert.
High-energy environment this year won two soil repair major projects: silver legacy chromium soil pollution control project construction contract (122 million yuan), intellectual landscape north (the original gedian chemical factory) area B (block 7 to 15, 1) contaminated site remediation project (102 million yuan), repair strength.
The Bosch division
The soil restoration market has been opened since the release of the soil 10. In 2011, the first large-scale environmental restoration project was undertaken, and in 2016, Bosch was awarded a benchmarking project in the field of soil restoration -- 200 million yuan guangxi nanhua project. At the beginning of this year, Bosch continued to arrange the soil repair market by acquiring 100% equity in the Canadian RX pollution repair company.
Through acquisitions RX company, rapid introduction of foreign in soil and groundwater pollution remediation and consulting in the field of advanced and mature technology and field application experience, to identify, evaluate Bosch division in contaminated sites, repair and management to provide comprehensive technical support, at the same time fully absorb and use the RX company in the field of soil and groundwater pollution remediation and consulting the mature business model, continue to enhance Bosch division in the field of the whole industry chain core competitiveness.
Zhongke ding real
In the field of environmental governance, CST ding real created multiple "most" of the country: the nation‘s largest contaminated site remediation engineering, the country‘s first groundwater repair engineering, farmland soil heavy metal pollution prevention and control of the 12th five-year plan project... In solid waste industry enterprises selection of 2017 year China awards ceremony, CST ding real once again won the 2017 China solid waste industry leading niche and individual ability of leading enterprise "soil repair field leading enterprise" award, four straight "soil repair leading enterprises of the year".
In fact, since the "ten" soil release, CST ding real systemic layout, the development of energy-efficient, advanced environmental protection, green, low carbon technology and equipment and services, in the policy and market two-way, driven by in situ ectopic, in situ repair as the main mode, realize the soil water work. By thermal desorption technology, curing stabilization technology, the gas phase extraction technology, zhongke ding real professional optimizing physics, chemistry, biology and so on single or integrated technology and equipment for the management of contaminated sites, let the contaminated soil "recovery".
Beijing construction
As the earliest professional engaged in soil repair service of one of the high-tech enterprise, Beijing construction with rich experience in engineering and technology research and development, operating management advantages and shareholder great capital operation ability, expanding various types of soil bioremediation, water, surface water, groundwater) repair, ecological repair business.
Beijing construction obtained one professional contracting qualification in environmental engineering, environmental engineering (engineering, pollution, solid waste disposal site remediation engineering) special design b qualification, its core technology are mainly concentrated in the field of soil restoration. The company‘s self-developed thermal deattachment, soil leaching, enhanced gas-phase extraction (SVE) and REDOX technology have been developed into a complete set of equipment and engineering application. The research and patent layout of soil biological repair, heavy metal electric separation and other technical equipment are being completed or completed. According to authoritative media reports, Beijing construction workers have already laid out more than 100 technologies/equipment patents related to environmental restoration, with more than 100 million assets in total.
It can be said that the market pattern of the soil repair industry is basically formed, and the small and medium-sized projects in the Yangtze river delta, hunan, hubei, jilin and other places are mainly focused on the high-energy environment. Bosch occupies a place in its native southwest market; Yongqing environmental protection occupies the northwest heavy metal pollution control market; The Chinese company has repeatedly appeared in major restoration projects in Beijing and Shanghai. With its geographical advantage and state-owned enterprise background, the Beijing construction industry focuses on large projects in Beijing.