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For the first time, we will fully cover the environmental responsibility of environmental supervision

Time:2017-12-25 View:674
On August 7, 2017 to September 15, by JiaoHuanCheng, Wu Xinxiong, zhong-ping ma, Japan brand shoes online, zhu zhixin, jiang jufeng, jonsson, comrade li jiaxiang, respectively, as a team leader, Dr. Huang, vice minister of environmental protection ZhaiQing, Zhao Yingmin, liu hua, deputy leader of the eight central environmental protection inspectorate, respectively in jilin, zhejiang, shandong, hainan, sichuan, Tibet, qinghai, xinjiang (corps) 8 provinces (area) to carry out the supervision of environmental protection. Approved by the party central committee and the state council, beginning on December 22, each inspectorate to relevant provinces (areas) in succession feedback inspector, and synchronous transfer inspector found the problem of ecological environment damage responsibility shall be investigated for the books.
Inspectors believe that since 2013, eight provinces (area) earnestly study and implement xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics new era, actively implement the ecological environment protection policy decisions, the party central committee and state council efforts to practice the new development concept, vigorously promote the priority areas pollution treatment, strive to resolve outstanding environmental problems, ignoring the ecological environment protection status change obviously, overall improved environmental quality, environmental protection responsibility has been further compaction. 8 provincial (district) attaches great importance to the work of the central environmental protection inspector, and strictly checks the cases of the public to report the cases to the public. As of now, 40,706 environmental problems reported by the supervision group have been basically completed, with a total of 10,806 cases and a fine of 547.59 million yuan. 335 cases and 424 persons detained; About 4,855 people, and the responsibility for 6,471 people.
Inspector pointed out that the eight provinces (area) environmental protection work, although progress, but compared with the central requirement and the masses forward there is still a gap, some problems still outstanding environmental protection, the main problems are:
First, the environmental protection awareness of some local party committees is not yet in place, and environmental protection and inaction are still in place. Some departments of the provincial government are not aware of their environmental responsibility, do not pay attention to it, and do not implement it. They believe that it is the "work" for the environmental protection department.
Second, the issue of air and water environment in some areas is more prominent, the key work of the prevention and control of air pollution is not in place, the management of black and smelly water is seriously lagging behind, and the people of the people are strongly reflected.
Third, some urban environmental infrastructure construction is seriously lacking, heavy ground, light underground, heavy construction, light protection, sewage direct row, garbage heap and other problems are more common.
It is common for some coastal areas to break the sea reclamation and illegal breeding, the coastline is seriously damaged, the ecological function is degraded, and the environmental pollution is prominent in the coastal areas.
Fifth, some problems such as local ecological damage in nature reserves remain outstanding, the violation of the regulations, the construction of illegal construction, and the development and unrepair are still common.
The supervision requires that 8 provinces (districts) should organize and prepare the reform plan to report to the state council within 30 working days and to make it public in accordance with the requirements; We should strengthen supervision and rectification, through regular public rectification by provincial TV stations, provincial party newspapers and provincial government websites, and create a favorable climate for rectification; We should conduct in-depth investigation on the issue of responsibility for ecological environmental damage over the transfer of supervision, further clarify responsibilities, and make serious accountability in accordance with relevant provisions; We should continue to promote the transformation of development and supply-side structural reform, and implement environmental protection party and government accountability and responsibility.
The state environmental protection supervision office of local inspector rectification of listing scheduling, and as organization to carry out the point type, mobile type is special inspector, important case reports of the CPC central committee and the state council in a timely manner.