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Second instance of soil pollution prevention and control law: strengthen the risk of controlling agricultural land

Time:2017-12-25 View:811
Whether agricultural land is polluted or not, it is directly related to food safety. The draft law on soil pollution control was again submitted to the standing committee of the National People‘s Congress on December 22 to focus on strengthening monitoring and strengthening the responsibility for risk control and control the risks of agricultural land.
Draft review for the first time in June of this year, some of the standing committee, because the soil pollution has concealment, should strengthen the surveillance, control soil pollution, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of prevention and control work.
Draft 2 review put forward, in terms of agricultural land, to be the key monitoring include: excessive levels of pollutants in agricultural output, as or as a sewage irrigated area, used or used for large-scale cultivation, the solid waste stacking, landfill, as a mining or overweight, heavy pollution accidents, and so on and so forth.
The state shall establish a classification management system for agricultural land. According to the degree of pollution and relevant standards, agricultural land is divided into priority protection, safe use and strict control.
Some experts, standing committee member and agricultural risk control should not only be conducted by the competent department of agriculture, pollution responsibility should also take corresponding measures, Suggestions, according to the principle of "pollution liability", clear the responsibility person pollution in agricultural risk controls. At the same time, because the repair activities are highly specialized, supervision should be strengthened to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the repair.
, two reviewing the draft regulations, for safe use and strict control of farmland plot, soil pollution responsible persons shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and to meet the requirements of risk assessment, the corresponding risk control measures, and regularly report to the competent department of agriculture, forestry of the local people‘s government.
On output of agricultural pollution levels, it is necessary to implement repair of agricultural land, the draft of the second review regulation, soil pollution responsible repair plan shall be prepared and submitted to the local competent departments for the record and implementation. After the soil pollution repair activity is completed, the responsible person of soil pollution shall entrust relevant units to evaluate the repair effect and report the results to the competent department of the government for the record.