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Ecological civilization reform accelerated environmental protection industry to welcome the 2018 gift package

Time:2017-12-25 View:920
In 2017, the central economic work conference will be the first priority for ecological civilization. On December 18, 2017, the central economic work conference was held on December 18. The ecological civilization was listed as one of the eight key tasks for the first time. In 2015 and 2016, the central economic work conference content is seldom involved in environmental protection, in 2015 to "promote the construction of ecological civilization", "protect the ecological environment, should pay more attention to promote to form green" modes of production and consumption, in 2016 to "strengthen the innovation of ecological civilization, such as basic major", "continued to strengthen energy conservation, environmental protection and ecological construction, progress was made in the development of green low carbon". In the politburo meeting earlier this month, environmental protection was also one of the three biggest battles of 2018.
We will speed up reform of the ecological civilization system, and implement the "ten of the water" in an all-round way. The central economic work has proposed to accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, and to implement the ecological protection and restoration of major projects in the 13th five-year plan. Start large-scale afforestation action, guide the state-owned enterprises, private companies and foreign enterprises, collective and individuals, social organizations and so on various aspects capital investment, foster a batch of professional enterprise specializing in protection and restoration of ecological. We will implement the "water 10" and implement the "soil 10" comprehensively. We will speed up the reform of the ecological civilization system, improve the system of natural resource property rights, study the establishment of a market-based and diversified ecological compensation mechanism, and reform the regulatory system for ecological and environmental protection.
Environmental protection will usher in new development opportunities in 2018. We believe that the environmental protection as the 19th is the direction of the highlight, and recently in the middle of the multiple conference as one of the key work of 18 years, environmental protection will usher in a new development opportunity in 2018: industrial green taxes, tradable permits, the full implementation of the environmental cost drives the pollutant emission reduction; We will deepen the implementation of the water 10, comprehensively implement the "ten articles", and increase the ecological investment in the municipal side to improve the overall environmental quality.
Industrial end green taxes, tradable permits, etc comprehensive promotion policy, forcing companies to increase investment in environmental protection, reform of supply side makes the leading enterprise profit improvement, have the money to investment and advice to focus on concentrated in science and technology, the dragon net environmental protection, ring (renewable resources). The direction of municipal clean heating is recommended to focus on lianmei holdings, dison shares and so on.
Risk warning: the implementation process of the implementation of ecological civilization reform policy is less than expected; Environmental improvement of industrial enterprises was lower than expected; Environmental taxes were lower than expected.