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What diseases can be treated with ozone?

Time:2017-12-25 View:16512

What diseases can be treated with ozone?

Ozone is a light blue gas. If inhaled in excess, it can damage the body. But if absorbed properly, it can cure diseases.In fact, many diseases can be treated with ozone. The treatment of ozone is widely used in medicine, such as diabetes, skin diseases, gynecological diseases and other diseases.

Diabetic foot therapy

Diabetes is a cure.It is an indisputable fact that any diabetic patient has varying degrees of hemorheology.In the United States in 2000, about 2 million people a year ended up having amputations because of diabetic foot problems.China also has a large group of diabetes.Therefore, improving the blood supply on the affected side is a key topic in the treatment of diabetic foot. In addition to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, general medical institutions also carry out minimally invasive treatment of blood reconstruction on the affected side, which is of high cost and great difficulty in promotion.Ozone self - blood therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot in the international achieved good results, the domestic market space is more extensive.Ozone phototherapy has achieved great development in China. With the promotion of scientific research and clinical work, more ozone therapy will be more deeply used by the medical community in China.

Burns healed

Burn treatment.Local ozone gas bagging therapy was used for the scald, and local debridement was carried out with ozone water to exert the spectral antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of ozone;For scald patients, ozone self - blood therapy can also be used;Since the patients with large scalds have the loss of multiple organs in the body, large autologous blood transfusion therapy can improve the blood supply status of each organ and eliminate free radicals.Provides patient tolerance to scald.

Allergic skin disease

Allergic skin disease.Ozone-small autologous blood therapy is performed by injecting 5-20 ml of venous blood into the gluteus maximus muscle after mixing with an equal volume of ozone.Can play the effect of immunity leveling;Like chronic anal rash.

Gynecological inflammation treatment

Gynecological inflammation treatment.Ozone therapy for gynecological inflammation is a perfect combination of sterile therapy and painless therapy.The way is generally ozone generator or ozone antibacterial agent, ozone generator is the use of ozone generator to make a certain concentration of ozone output on the affected area to reach the therapeutic purpose of the instrument.Ozone antimicrobiotics are pharmaceutical products that are pushed into the vagina and act directly on the affected area.Ozone is the allotrope of oxygen, which has a strong oxidation ability. At a certain concentration, it can produce biochemical reaction with bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other microorganisms, destroy the biological structure of the virus in a short time, puncture the cell wall, and make it lose vitality.When the concentration rises sharply and reaches a certain value, disinfection and sterilization can be completed quickly, which is currently recognized as the priority choice for treating gynecological inflammation, and is also the key recommended technique for reproductive health infection project.Ozone therapy for pathogens, under computer control precise location, direct to the lesion.Because ozone has the super sterilization ability, promotes the normal operation of blood circulation system and stimulates metabolism, it can kill bacteria in a short time by fully surrounding the diseased parts with reactive oxygen ion gas.So as to improve their health epithelial cell growth, repair the damage to tissue, in the process of sterilization and ozone have contact with all kinds of organic matter transformation, transformation product for oxygen, this kind of reactive oxygen species in the vagina directly reformed the anaerobic environment of the vagina, can stimulate the production of immune cells, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, reached good therapeutic purposes.

Ozone blood therapy

Ozone blood therapy.In fact, the so-called ozone blood therapy, is in the human blood to add a certain amount of ozone, with such a method to treat the body‘s diseases, modern medicine can be used in a lot of diseases for treatment.Ozone self-blood therapy introduces ozone into the human body by means of injecting ozone into the autogenous blood and then intravenous transfusion, so as to give full play to the medical role of ozone, treat and prevent various diseases and regulate the sub-health of the body.

Vascular disease

It is especially effective for peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and blood viscosity increase.

Diabetic complications

Diabetic foot and diabetic fundus lesions;

Skin disease

Herpes zoster, psoriasis, beriberi, and so on, desalinate color spots;

Itself immune

Multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic colitis, rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma, etc.


Chronic fatigue, sub-health, stubbornness, nervous headache, insomnia, etc.

Infectious disease

Infantilitis, viral hepatitis and other systemic infectious diseases or local infections;

Lung disease

Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and advanced kidney disease;


Acute and chronic inflammation of the mouth;

Cancer auxiliary

Adjuvant treatment of cancer (especially in patients undergoing chemotherapy) or rehabilitation after a major disease.

In Germany and Spain, doctors used ozone therapy to treat acute stroke patients, resulting in a significant reduction in the rate of disability;Ozone therapy is applied to the treatment of acute disc herniation, which has achieved unexpected results.In Cuba and Russia, doctors have had great success treating diabetic foot with ozone therapy.