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Ozone Module for Watercooler OZQS0.2T-D

Ozone Module for Watercooler OZQS0.2T-D

This ozone module is speically designed for watercoolers. Besides the high quality ozone generating charmber, it also built in an software controller. It can reseive and send signals among ozone charmber and the watercooler, thus makes the whole watercooler working perfectly with this ozone module. 

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  • AQUAPURE 100-300mg intelligent ozone cell module for ozone watercooloer OZQS0.2T-D

    Brief introduction:

    This ozone cell module is specially designed for builting inside the watercooloer.  Besides the mini ozone generating cell, there is a controller inside, which can send or receive signals from the watercooloer.
    For example:  when it comes to mid-night, this controller can send signals to the watercoolor and switch on the water pump, thus the ozone disinfections system starts and completes.
    For another example: every time after you fectch the water, the controler can receive the signals and disinfect the water pipes afterwards by itself.

    Customizing are available for different watercoolers and different requests.  The basic AQUAPURE ozone cell module uses the latest Quartz tube with SS or Titanium electrode technology,  which is the best to get stable ozone output and high ozone concentration.


    ---- 100% test for ozone concentration & ozone output
    ---- 100% inside ozone tolerance
    ----  100% life burning test
    ----  100% ozone compatible material
    ----  Suitable ozone concentrations
    ----- Available for different types of water dispensers / watercoolersfor

    Production Specifications   

    please contact us for ozone test reports

    Model number OZQS0.2T-D
    Ozone Conccentration
     100 mg/h at 1.0 L/min normal air
    Ozone Output 1
    200 mg/h at 1.0 L/min dry air
    Ozone Output 2
    300 mg/h at 2.8 L/min normal air
    Gas source
    Ambient air, dry air and oxygen source
    Ozone generating technology:
    Corona discharge, 99% pure quartz tube, SS or Titanium electrode
    Cooling way:
    Air cooling
    Continuous operation:
    Available for non-stop working when will cooling fan
    Input voltage
    12V DC  (24V DC optional; 100-240VAc optional)
    <  6w
    Watercooler / Dispensor PCB  12V DC or 24V DC (Optional)
    Size L x W x H (mm)
    98 x 98 x 28 mm  ( ozone electronics potted )
    0.24 kg
    Standard Packing 60pcs / box

    Product Drawing:


    YOUMO AQUAPURE OZQS0.2T-D  300mg ozone tube:
    1>. Standard export carton packing
    2>. 60pc / box
    3>. carton box size:45*33*33 cm ; 15kg / carton box


    1> samples------------within 2 days after payment arrive
    2> batch orders-------2-30 days after payment deposit

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